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Client Private Access

HCI is a Value Added Partner Building a Beneficial Relationship With its Clients:

  • Private Access: HCI understands the need to reduce costs in order to maintain profitability. In an effort to become a value added partner to our clients we have developed this private access area for our current clients at no additional charge. The first phase of development of this private area allows HCI clients access to all shipping documents related to their hazardous and non-hazardous waste projects. There are many benefits of having electronic access to these documents. One of the most important is in the event of an inspection and you are unable to locate a particular document requested by a regulatory agent, you can log in, locate it, print and provide it to them immediately.
  • Management of Multiple Facilities: HCI understands managing your company and creating a profit is difficult enough without having to worry about site specific, document retention requirements. HCI can set your company up with one corporate account or multiple accounts accessible by your individual managers and/or your corporate office to assist in meeting your regulatory requirement needs.
  • Reporting Requirements: Documents are available 24/7 to assist in confirming you are reporting the correct amounts of waste generated with actual documents kept on file at your place of business.
  • Future Updates: In an effort to assist you in managing your hazardous waste, HCI will be updating the Private Access Area with additional tools and benefits on a regular basis. As a client of HCI, you will be notified when these updates are available.

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HCI Environmental & Engineering Service
12155 Magnolia Ave, Ste 4C,
Riverside, CA 92503
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