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Fact Sheets

HCI Environmental & Engineering Service is a full service Environmental Management company specializing in hazardous waste transportation, disposal, environmental construction to include demolition, decontamination & soil excavation and 24/7 Emergency Chemical Spill Response. HCI is providing the following Informational Fact Sheets as an additional service to our clients. These are created by regulatory agencies that oversee the management of hazardous materials and hazardous / non-hazardous wastes. We have found them to be very helpful in assisting our clients in developing their hazardous waste management programs regarding the proper categorization, transportation and disposal of their waste streams. We will make every effort to keep these updated as they become available. We would suggest receiving confirmation from either the regulatory agency or an attorney prior to making any changes based on these Fact Sheets. Please feel free to contact HCI Environmental & Engineering Service with any questions.

Dental & Medical Office

EPA ID Numbers

Fluorescent Lights

Gasoline Filters

Hazardous Waste of Concern

HWM FS Accumulating HazWaste Generators

HWM FS Accumulating HazWaste Generators

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead Wheel Weights

Managing Asbestos

Managing Empty Containers

Universal Waste

Manifest Changes

Mercury Switches

OAD FS Asbestos

OEA FS Publics Role

Oil Filters

SMBR FS Schools


Aerosols II

Consolidated Manifesting

Dental Medical and Veterinary

Empty Containers

Floor Cleanup

Fluorescent Light Tubes

Foreclosed Properties

Generator Requirements

Hazardous Waste Management

Inspection Forms

Inspection Forms II

Manifest Changes

Mercury Thermostat

Monitors and Laptops

Municipal Landfills and Transfer Stations


Rechargeable Battery

Transporter Requirements

Universal Waste

Used Oil Filters

Wastewater Management

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