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HCI prides itself in providing the best and most efficient Customer Service Department in its industry. HCI is constantly looking for areas of improvement and takes its client’s needs and concerns very seriously. Some of the services setting HCI apart from the competition are as follows:

  • Electronic Document Storage - HCI provides all current customers with a user name and password for their personal portal. Once logged into the client area, you will have access to all shipping documents related to each service HCI performs for you. This is provided at no extra cost while utilizing HCI as your environmental management services vendor.
  • Live Operator's – During the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (PST) the phone will be answered directly by a “Live” Customer Service Department Representative. This Representative will have instant access to your account information to include waste streams, profile sheets, manifests, etc. in order to answer any questions you may have. In the event they are unable to answer your question, they will get you the answer needed or you will be transferred to the correct department. In the event of an emergency all “after-hour” call’s are directed to a live operator trained to gather the pertinent information necessary for HCI to begin its response procedures.
  • Reduction in Liability – HCI maintains one of the largest insurance policies held by a privately owned company in its industry.
  • Assistance With Regulatory Compliance – Our industry is regulated by a multitude of regulatory agencies. Although it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they are meeting all of these requirements they also have the responsibility of ensuring their business is being maintained and profitable. Trying to run your business is difficult enough without having to keep updated on all the necessary regulations related to the environmental industry. In an effort to assist our clients we have created an area in our website titled “Education”. Under that title you will find another link named “Fact Sheet’s”. Clink on the link and it will take you to scanned copies of very helpful fact sheets from regulatory agencies addressing issues hazardous waste generator’s run across daily. If for some reason you can’t locate the topic in our Regulatory Fact Sheet Section, let us know and we will make every effort to contact the correct agency and locate the answer for you. Once the answer is provided to you we then suggest you contact that agency to confirm the answer. In the event you have a regulatory question or need guidance on issues not covered, our Customer Service Department is able to assist you in finding the correct answer.
  • Waste Quantity Reporting – HCI will, upon request, provide you with quantities of hazardous waste shipped by HCI for that reporting period. Again, we recommend you confirm the numbers provided with your records as well.
  • Service Time – In most cases HCI is able to provide you with a quote within 24 hours of your call. Once the quote is approved and we receive all of the signed necessary documents we strive to schedule a pick-up within 2-3 days.
  • Waste Inventory – In most cases HCI will perform a waste inventory at no additional charge.
  • Hours of Service – HCI operates and is able to perform most projects on a 24/7 basis.
  • Site Inspections – Whether you have been inspected by a regulatory agency or you want to be sure you are handling your waste streams correctly, all current clients of HCI are eligible to receive one annual complimentary site visit by a qualified HCI Representative to assess and make suggestions regarding your waste management practices.
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