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The U.S. General Services Administration, or GSA, is the unit of the federal government responsible for making purchases for all of the federal government. It is a central management agency that sets Federal policy for Federal procurement and real property management and information resources management.

HCI has obtained a contract to do business with the federal government under the following Federal Supply Group:

899-8/8RC Remediation and Reclamation Services:

Remediation services include, but are not limited to: Excavation, removal and disposal of hazardous waste; Site preparation, characterization, field investigation, conservation and closures; Wetland restoration; Emergency response clean up (ERC); Underground storage tank/above-ground storage tank (UST/AST) removal; Air monitoring; Soil vapor extraction; Stabilization/solidification, bio-venting, carbon absorption, reactive walls, containment, monitoring and/or reduction of hazardous waste sites, as well as unexploded ordnance removal; Remediation-related laboratory testing (e.g., biological, chemical, physical, pollution and soil testing). Reclamation services include, but are not limited to: Land (e.g., creating new land from sea or riverbeds and/or restoring areas to a more natural state, such as after pollution, desertification, or salination have made it unusable); and Water and refrigerant reclamation.

Note: Services offered under this SIN shall NOT include any remediation/transportation/disposal of radioactive waste, asbestos removal and/or paint removal, construction and architect-engineer services as set forth in FAR Part 36 (including construction, alteration or repair of buildings, structures, or other real property). Disposal services performed under SIN must be ancillary to remediation services performed.


A GSA contract outlines the terms of a business relationship between the U.S. General Services Administration and a business. It explains how long the business relationship will last, what the vendor agrees to provide and when and how much money the government will pay for the service.

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