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Shooting Range Cleaning and Maintenance

Federal, State and Local Regulatory Departments have begun heavily enforcing the standards necessary for Shooting Range Owners to follow in regards to compliance with lead regulations. Many Range Owners have been issued fines and been put out of business due to non-compliance of these regulations. Due to this, HCI Environmental & Engineering Service has created a Shooting Range Cleaning and Maintenance Division. HCI currently services multiple clients in both the public and private sector.

HCI staffs a complete Regulatory Compliance Department that is very knowledgeable in regards to the agencies that regulate the shooting range industry. HCI is a fully licensed Hazardous Waste Transporter and a Class A - General Contractor with a Hazardous Substances Removal Certification issued by the California Contractors State License Board. In addition, HCI carries liability insurance.

In an effort to alleviate costly annual backstop clean-ups and potential liabilities regarding air contaminated with lead, HCI will provide a budgeted maintenance program.

The Following are typical services provided to shooting ranges:


  • Vacuuming floor to ceiling (Except Bullet Trap)
  • Checking all target holders
  • Checking all target carriers
  • Vacuum top of target track and check for brass
  • Tighten all nuts and bolts
  • Walk bullet trap to level
  • Remove debris from bullet trap such as shotgun wads, paper etc.
  • Check and fill hopper as needed
  • Rake bullet trap and keep rubber behind red line
  • Clean stall glass and stall area
  • Clean booth glass
  • Maintain clients HEPA vacuum (To include changing of filters and bags contractor supplies bags and filters)
  • Change out all burnt out light bulbs
  • Contractor agrees to provide coveralls and respirators (OSHA Approved)
  • Contractor agrees to notify Range Master if they are not going to be there or late for maintenance
  • Advise range master of any problems
  • Empty all trash.

  • Vacuum out rear of range behind bullet trap
  • Clean fan shroud in weapons cleaning area
  • Vacuum hallway just outside of range and weapons cleaning area

  • Change out air filters or as needed
  • Box up air filters in original boxes and label and put in hallway for pick up
  • Each box will be sealed with tape
  • Profile, containerize, manifest, transport and dispose of all hazardous waste
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