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Trauma Scene Clean-up

HCI understands the care necessary when addressing a Crime or Death Scene. It is a non-planned event and very emotional time for most involved. We take the time to understand your situation and address it in the most cost-effective responsible manner possible.


Crime scenes present a unique combination of problems for detectives and medical examiners, as well as for those tasked with cleaning the aftermath of a crime. Commonly referred to as crime scene cleanup or trauma scene cleanup, specialized training is needed by those who remove blood and bodily fluids from crime, trauma or accident scenes.

HCI's goal is to return your property back to its original condition as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. We are trained and certified to handle the physical and regulatory project requirements. All of our Technicians are properly trained in the appropriate use of personal protective equipment to perform the remediation. We are compliant with Department of Health Services, OSHA and existing regulatory agencies regulations. All material removed will be disposed of properly and documentation can be provided upon request.

Every case requires a specific method of treatment based on location and type of clean-up required. We maintain strict processes and adherence to guidelines to provide quick, thorough and reliable results.

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